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10 Fabulous Historical Women To Be For Halloween

How to keep all the glamour of a Disney Princess and still be a badass for Halloween.

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2. Tomoe Gozen, female samurai

What you'll need:

1. Peel cardboard to show corrugation

2. Paint cardboard red and gold

3. White foundation

4. Samurai sword

5. Golden head piece with red ribbons


3. Elizabeth I, Queen of England

What you'll need:

1. Red, curly wig

2. Red, poofy dress

3. Huge, starched white collar

4. Long pearls

5. Pale make-up with red-cheeks and lips, no eye make-up

4. Joan of Arc, heroine of France

What you'll need:

1. Metallic grey hoodie resembling chainamail

2. Shoulder pads to look like epaulets

3. Shoe covers to look like boots

4. Fleur de lis in the middle of chest

5. Sword

5. Makeda, Queen of Sheba

What you'll need:

1. Green, flowing dress

2. Golden crown

3. Three veils (white, violet, green)

4. Beaded collar necklace

5. Scepter

6. Bangles and bracelets

10. Mata Hari, courtesan and spy

What you'll need:

1. Beaded bra with long, organza veils sewn onto it.

2. Belly dancer pants

3. Organza shawl

4. Golden headpiece, earrings and bangles

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