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10 Reasons To Visit Raana Khan Salon For Every Beauty-Related Issue

You must be familiar with the name, Raana Khan. If you are not, and I’m guessing you live under the rock, you must have seen those Khaadi and Asim Jofa posters, must have come across some magazines and wondered who makes those gorgeous girls even more beautiful? Raana Khan will take credit for it. Not just that, she is known for subtle, fresh and dewy bridal makeup, yes, not your traditional, cakey, exaggerated look to be found here.

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1. Nude Tones in Bridal Makeup

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Who says bridal makeup cannot work with nudes and smokey eyes. At Raana Khan’s, they believe in accentuating your features, rather than slathering foundation over foundation on your face to get the 100-watt skin.

2. Angelic, not Exaggerated

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‘If the bride is wearing such subtle makeup, will she look like a bride?’ We are confusing bridal with heavy. If mesmerizing and angelic is not your thing, stop scrolling.

A gorgeous, soft glow with makeup perfectly married with the bride’s outfit, and nothing over the top – you cannot get a better deal than this.

3. Hottest Hair In Town - Guaranteed

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Summers are for loose, long curls and sun-kissed hair color. Hair transformations are only done in PKR 5000 at Raana Khan Salon. You don’t want to miss that, trust the person who has availed the exactly same deal.

Take it from the Rapunzels of the world, it’s difficult to trust someone with their scissors near your long locks. I visited Raana Khan Salon for a haircut. I picked one of the deals from the hair packages (Deal #1 = hair dye, haircut, nail color, threading). The appointment was booked and there was I with the entire salon to myself. It’s real treat when it’s just you in the salon and all the (super sweet) staff is doing everything to make sure you’re comfortable.

That is basically Raana Khan’s Salon’s USP: they don’t attend to more than a couple of clients at one time. Making everything perfect for their clients and providing them with all the attention and best service is what Raana Khan’s is known for.

9. Knowing The Right Up 'Do

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I cannot even count how many times I have struggled to make an up ‘do. After an hour’s juggling and sore arms, I let the locks fly away freely. Similar story? This decides that we need serious help with hairdos. Help!

Book your visit today and avail amazing discounted packages!


Via Facebook: raanakhansalon

Especially for makeup geeks and girls who are getting married in near future. Don’t miss Transformation Journey with Raana Khan this May. A three-day extensive course about makeup. The 3-day masterclass will contain theory, demonstrations, tests and distribution of certificates in the end.

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