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Issues In Middle Childhood

Madison Binder

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ADHD in Middle Childhood

This meme relates to the topic of ADHD that we discussed in class. In class we learned how children with ADHD experience difficulties paying attention, regulating emotions, and have flawed social competence. We also learned how teachers play a large role in educating children with ADHD. This meme demonstrates how children with ADHD feel as they have troubles in classrooms with instruction and other areas.


This meme demonstrates one child bullying another. In class we learned about how bullying involved an aggressor and a victim. Some cases there is a bystander. Bullies usually are drawn to bullying because of family factors, peer status, temperament, and social climate. The victim of a bully usually is shy with social anxiety, low social status, and physical appearance plays a role.


This meme demonstrates how spanking is negatively viewed. In class we learned a lot about the effects of spanking a child. Although findings were mixed, we learned that 80% of parents reported that they spank their child. Racial ethnic groups also play a large role in the effects of spanking on children.

Sibling Conflict

I chose this meme to demonstrate conflict between siblings. One child is fighting for the possession of his bear with his brother. They are screaming and tugging on the bear at the same time. It is likely they are fighting because this is the nature of siblings at times, especially in middle childhood. We have learned this semester that sibling conflict peaks in middle childhood because they share the same genetics and environment.

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