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Five Reasons You Should Be Reading Bitch Planet

A virtual love letter to the most badass feminist in comics, Kelly Sue DeConnick.

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1. It's A Comic That Takes Place In LADY SPACE PRISON / Via Image Comics

This ace comic combines beautiful art featuring diverse women and bodies from Valentine DeLandro with wonderful, powerful, angry and feminist words from Kelly Sue. Oh, and it takes place IN SPACE.

2. Kelly Sue DeConnick Is Magical / Via Tumblr

When she isn’t writing the best damn comic out there, she sends inspirational text messages to her fans (To sign up, text @bitchesg to (971) 244-8342). She also tweets about her hilarious children, is the master of duck face selfies and most importantly is one of the nicest, friendliest creators in the world of comics.

3. One Loyal Fandom

Twitter / Via Twitter: @biggirlprblems

After just one issue, the fandom is so big and devoted that people have gotten tattoos. They also sold out the first issue, prompting Image to order a second printing. Not to mention the insane fan art of the main characters Kamau and Penny.

4. All Of The Extras / Via Image Comics

The back page is almost as good as the comic itself. The title: “Bitches Be Like…” says it all. In the first issue it featured fake advertisements like x-ray glasses to “see through his intentions” and a thoughtful essay about Gender Studies from Danielle Henderson, among other things.

5. Get Your Orange Fix / Via Netflix

If those other reasons aren't enough (which frankly, they should be) consider it the best kind of medicine if you’re missing Orange Is The New Black in the offseason. Except add more violence and real talk about patriarchy. Bitch Planet even has its very own angel.

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