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Should You Be An Arts And Sciences Ambassador?

Do you like hanging out with the coolest people in A&S? Come and see why you should be a University of Kentucky Arts and Sciences Ambassador.

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1. Networking With the Who's Who of UK


Every Week A&S Ambassadors get to meet and talk with many important people in the college of Arts and Sciences as well as other organizations on campus. Networking with these prestigious people and getting to learn more about my college and campus is one main reason why I love being an ambassador.

2. Cool Swag


Being an A&S Ambassador means lots of super cool swag and gear, from silicone credit card holders to pretty sweet long sleeve shirts you get a ton of awesome stuff! I was most excited about getting a super awesome magnetic name tag, but that might just be me.

3. Preview Nights


My favorite part of being an Ambassador is recruiting at the SeeBlue preview nights. It's so fun to travel around the south and the midwest going to different towns and telling high schoolers and their families why you love UK. I have made so many incredible and hilarious memories while on these trips and I look forward to them every fall.

4. Thanksgiving Dinners


Every year the ambassadors get together at an instructors house and have the BEST THANKSGIVING MEAL. And you know its true since its coming from a girl who is actually obsessed with Thanksgiving. Its such a fantastic night of talking with friends and eating delicious food, I would sign up to be an Ambassador again no questions asked if they told me about a free thanksgiving meal.

5. Making New Friends


Something that I will always cherish is all of the great friends I have made being an A&S Ambassador and I would not change it for the world. Being apart of such a great organization is such a privilege and I love working with such smart and talented individuals.

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