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16 Times Molly Weasley Was The Best Mom Of All Moms

Molly Weasley is the HBIC.

1. When she knew how to use reverse psychology on her kids.

2. When she loved her kids, even though they drove her crazy.

3. When she knew the power of a good scolding.

4. And again...

5. When she loved Harry as if he were her own.

6. When she knew how to issue a good threat.

7. When she wasn't afraid to show off her dance skills.

8. When she, like all moms, possessed the skill to know where to get any and everything.

9. When she wasn't afraid of being the tough parent.

10. When she knew how to laugh.

11. When she tried to give clear instructions.

12. When she put up with Fred and George.

13. When she always knew the best gifts to give.

14. When she always made sure her kids had everything they needed.

15. When she comforted her other children, even as she grieved.

16. And when she protected her kids, no matter what.

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