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Ranking The People From The "13 Reasons Why" Tapes From Best To Worst

ofc Bryce is number one (spoilers obviously)

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12. Clay Jensen

Beth Dubber / Beth Dubber/Netflix

Clay was the ultimate sweetheart and bright spot in this show. His love and compassion for Hannah really showed, both while she was alive and after. Even Hannah herself said Clay wasn't responsible for her death. Not only was he one of the few people nice to her, he also set out to get her justice after her death. In fact, Clay was the only person that really seemed to have an issue with what was said on the tapes (even Tony brushed a lot of it away).

11. Zach Dempsey


Zack seemed to genuinely like Hannah. If he hadn't come after his douche-bag friends then it's possible Hannah wouldn't have reacted the way she did. He did a stupid thing (stealing those notes) but he is just a teenager. The fact that Zach kept that note in his wallet with him also says a lot about his character. He was a good big brother, a genuine guy, a strong athlete, a good friend, and wanted to do the right thing in the end.

10. Alex Standall

Beth Dubber / Beth Dubber/Netflix

Alex made a dumb list that unfortunately added to Hannah's slut reputation. The consequences of which led to Hannah being sexually harassed by the guys at the school that grabbed and stared at her butt. But Alex didn't mean for this to happen. He made the list to make Jessica angry for a dumb reason. He also felt genuinely sorry and guilty about what he had done. Alex was one of the few people that advocated for the truth and justice. He ultimately felt so guilty over what had happened and his role in it that he tried to take his own life.

9. Jessica Davis


Look, losing friends is just a part of life. The fact that Jessica and Hannah grew apart is unfortunate but it wasn't a malicious act. It was super bitchy of Jessica to blame Hannah for Alex making that list and slapping her, but she was young, dumb, and giving into her anger. Even after they stopped becoming friends Jessica was never that rude to Hannah. When she saw her at parties she said hi and they would talk, albeit not on the same level. And the reason Jessica was so reluctant to accept the tapes was because that it meant accepting that not only had she been raped, but that her boyfriend had let it happen to her.

8. Sheri Holland


Sheri was one of the few nice people to Hannah. Not only did she chat to her but she went out of her way to try to help Hannah home after that party. Her hitting that stop sign and not calling the cops right away was a bad call. It ended up costing Jeff's life. She messed up in a big way. But at her core, Sheri was a good person and in the end, she did the right thing by helping out that elderly couple from the accident and turning herself into the police.

7. Ryan Shaver


Ryan was a grade-A ass and he knew it. He constantly caused drama by publishing gossip, rumors, and notes he found around the school. That's all in addition to him being selfish. Ryan stealing Hannah's poem and publishing it was cruel and it made her feel as if not even her thoughts were safe. He didn't even have the decency to type it up so that people couldn't trace the handwriting. In the end, he didn't seem too apologetic about what he had done but he was willing to come forward with the truth.

6. Justin Foley


Justin Foley is such a hard character to get a grip on. He's the only one with two tapes, yet there's something about this guy that you can't hate. Maybe it's his extremely broken home life. His biggest fault is that he doesn't stand up for other people. He let his friends spread that picture and rumors around about Hannah. He let Bryce rape his girlfriend. He let Jessica believe she didn't get raped. But he also tried to tell the truth about Hannah, he tried to stop Bryce and he lied to protect Jessica. Justin could have done more for sure, and his silent and in-action cost some characters a lot, but he wasn't a horrible person- just damaged one.

5. Tyler Down


There's no denying that Tyler was bullied just as bad, if not worse than Hannah was. His bullying was more direct for sure than hers. But that's no excuse for straight up stalking Hannah. Tyler was responsible for making her feel like she didn't have a safe place anywhere, not even her own bedroom. He stalked her, creeped on her, and sent her picture around school all because she turned him down (after she found out he was her stalker). Tyler has his own issues but there's no excuse for what he did to Hannah.

4. Mr. Porter


The truth is that Mr. Porter isn't a bad guy, he's just bad at his job. Hannah told him that she was raped and was thinking about suicide but because she didn't use those words he did nothing. He also went out of his way to cover up that meeting. Mr. Porter ignored and missed the bullying that went on in the school. Not only that but he missed the signs from not one, not two, but three kids that were having serious issues (Hannah, Alex, and Tyler). He was Hannah's last hope and unfortunately, he let her down in a big way by dismissing her problems and telling her to get over it. We might never know if he ends up redeeming himself by doing the right thing with those tapes.

3. Marcus Cole


You might be saying "but Marcus was just an ass, he's not as bad as stalking Hannah". The reason Marcus is so high isn't just because of what he did, but what he did afterward. Marcus believed the rumors that Hannah was easy and essentially used her. Total dick move. But what makes him a horrible person is everything that happened after Hannah died. Marcus not only got Clay suspended but he cared more about his reputation than he did about the truth and helping others. Who didn't want to slap him when he refused to be honest because of a Harvard application.

2. Courtney Crimsen


If you didn't hate Courtney I find it hard to believe that you even watched the show. Courtney was the absolute worse (okay Bryce was but still). She never gave up her claim that the tapes were lies all because she was scared to admit she was gay (she has two gay dads, who cares!). Courtney also spread that rumor about Hannah and Laura being in the picture. Bottom line, she was insufferable to watch and it was really hard to feel bad for her because of her attitude.

1. Bryce Walker

Beth Dubber / Beth Dubber/Netflix

Bryce Walker, where to begin. He was the classic rich kid jock that thought everyone wanted him. Based on that (false) assumption he felt it was okay to rape girls because "they wanted it". Bryce raped not only Hannah but also Jessica. He might have been a good friend to Justin like he claimed, but he wasn't a good person. He saw absolutely nothing wrong with what he had done to either Jessica or Hannah. Bryce did by far the worst thing to Hannah and who can blame her for not saying his name. The rich star athlete? Who was going to believe her? Bryce more than earned himself the top spot for the worst person on the tapes.

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