A Definitive Ranking Of "The Walking Dead" Villains

    "You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, they're all gonna be doing that." (SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY.)

    14. Lizzie Samuels

    Lizzie was sweet and caring, and watching Carol fall back into a maternal role with her and Mika was fun to watch. It was all the more heartbreaking then when we had to watch Carol kill Lizzie after she killed Mika. Lizzie was messed up and killed her own sister, but she didn't do it out of malice and honestly believed life as a walker was better.

    Notable kills: Mika (her sister)

    13. The Prisoners

    The Prisoners weren't ~all~ bad— Oscar and Axel turned out to be cool — but the few that were bad turned out to be total assholes. Their initial feeble attempt to kill Rick and the others was laughable, though the later-orchestrated attack by one of them was unfortunately successful. Overall, they made for some good short-term villains, but didn't have enough charisma or badass-ness to make a huge lasting impact.

    Notable kills: Lori and T-Dog (through planned walker attack)

    12. Pete Anderson

    Pete was an abusive asshole that terrified both his wife and children. He was manipulative and jealous, and started a fight with Rick after Rick simply had a conversation with Pete's wife. At least we got a great fight scene out of it. Rick nearly got kicked out, Pete killed Reg, and then Pete got killed. To sum it up, it was a shitshow, and Pete deserved what he got.

    Notable kills: Reg Monroe

    11. Ron Anderson

    With a father like Pete, it's no wonder Ron turned out to be messed up, too. He started out being a chill, normal, post-apocalyptic teenager but quickly turned into a violent asshole. It's understandable that he hated Rick for killing his dad, but his hatred for Carl was girlfriend jealousy. Of course, in a post-apocalyptic world, disputes are settled by shooting people in the eye rather than a classic fistfight.

    Notable kills: Carl's eye (Okay, not a kill but STILL.)

    10. Nicholas

    Nicholas was the worst kind of villain: He was a coward. Not only did he abandon four of his friends to save his own skin, he tried to do the same thing to Glenn and the others. Even after Glenn forgave him and trained him, this asshole decided to kill himself out of fear, resulting in Glenn nearly dying. We had to painstakingly wait to weeks to find out the fate of our beloved Glenn. THANK YOU, Nicholas, for finally leaving the screen.

    Notable kills: Noah

    9. Lt. Dawn Lerner and The Hospital Group

    The Hospital Group was full of creepy, violent dudes and one manipulative woman by the name of Dawn. Not only did Dawn let her men get away with anything — including, but not limited to, beating, murder, and rape — she saw it as a good thing. By far the lowest points of the group at the hospital were when they ran into Carol with a car and when Dawn killed Beth after the long-awaited reunion.

    Notable kills: Beth (!!!!) and countless other "patients"

    8. Joe and The Claimers

    The Claimers were lazy, violent, and had a warped sense of morality. Their rule of "claiming" and their lack of rational justice only heightened the group's sense of barbarianism. Not to mention their threat to rape and kill Michonne and Carl. As far as villains go, they were chilling because it was easy to see how a group like this could be formed.

    Notable kills: Len

    7. Merle Dixon

    Merle was our favorite lovable — albeit fucked-up — redneck. He had questionable morals and logic, and he was downright racist, but his loyalty and love for his brother was undeniable, although his ways of showing this weren't always normal. It was downright heartbreaking to see Daryl discover his turned body, but to know he died trying to be a changed man said a lot about his journey of redemption.

    Notable kills: Like, half of the Woodbury soldiers

    6. Dwight

    Goddamn Dwight. What an overeager weasel he is. Daryl saved him and his wife, and then he went and backstabbed him. Well, okay, he only shot him, killed his friends, and stole all his stuff — but still. It looks like we might get a little more backstory on him this season, but no matter how hard they try to humanize him, I think it's safe to say we'll all cheer when he finally dies... and hopefully it's by Daryl's hand.

    Notable kills: Denise

    5. Shane Walsh

    Oh, good ol' Shane, the OG Walking Dead villain. Shane had that cocky, bad-boy charm that swooned us all — especially Lori. He quickly got clingy, though, and resented Rick for just about everything: Carl, Lori, the baby, even the leadership role. For a while, the whole good-and-bad contrast of the two best friends was entertaining, but boy has it been fun to see Rick get darker ever since Shane's death.

    Notable kills: Otis and Randall

    4. The Wolves

    The Wolves were both smart and crazy at the same time. They managed to orchestrate an attack on Alexandria and were known to set numerous Walker traps, yet they didn't have a logical reason for causing such chaos. They were batshit crazy, but the swarm they let into Alexandria made for some of the best episodes and resulted in multiple deaths — mainly of annoying characters too, thank God (I'm looking at you, Sam).

    Notable kills: A bunch of side characters in Alexandria

    3. Gareth and The Terminus Group

    What would a zombie apocalypse be without cannibals? Gareth was the charismatic and handsome leader of the Terminus group that nearly killed (and ate) Rick and his gang. They were unnervingly calm about their practice, and they didn't even seem to mourn when they lost some of their own. Their most villainous act was amputating and eating Bob's leg, but Martin threatening to strangle poor baby Judith is pretty high up there, too. Their ultimate demise at the church was highly satisfying.

    Notable kills: Sam, and countless others they lured to Terminus

    2. The Governor

    The Governor went from being the humble, good-natured leader of Woodbury to the sadistic, vile, one-eyed villain. He was ruthless, killing members he felt he couldn't control. His creepy closet of beheaded walkers said a lot about his character although I guess brushing the hair of his turned daughter could be seen as sweet. We were led to believe he was almost a changed man, but that didn't last long. Damn, Andrea sure had a liking for bad boys.

    Notable kills: Merle, Milton, Andrea, Martinez, and Hershel. Damn.

    1. Negan and The Saviors

    This wound is almost too fresh to even talk about. The Saviors are ruthless, willing to kill to gain control as well as any physical property they want. Negan is the foul-mouthed, charming, violent, cream-of-the-crop villain we all love to hate. It's both exciting and terrifying to think what he'll do next.

    Notable kills: It's painful to even type this... Abraham and GLENN!

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