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26 Reason's Why Varys Is The Best

Bow down to the Spider

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1. His looks say it all

2. No one can keep him down


3. He mastered the art of being both subtle and obvious at the same time


4. He knows when to bite his tongue


5. He gives a fierce side eye


6. He's the only one that serves the realm and not himself


7. He speaks this truth


8. He earned his title of Lord through respect, not blood or money

9. He's one of the few people that actually sees how dangerous Littlefinger is


10. He knows how to cheer up his friends

11. He delivers some of the best insults on the show

12. He knew how power worked


13. He can deliver some sick burns

14. He's beautifully good at verbal politics

15. Him and Tyrion have some of the best scenes

16. He doesn't buy into that patriarchy nonsense

17. His littlebirds always knew what was up

18. He's loyal to those he cares about

19. He owns up to what he is

20. He has a great sense of humor

21. He's great at keeping long as he wants to

22. He knows how people see him

23. Him and Tyrion seriously are the best

24. Bottomline, he's the smartest of them all

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