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25 Cartoon Guy From The 90's That Made Us Feel Things

90's animators knew how to create some babes

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The Beast/ Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast

Honestly Beast was hot in both forms but it was a lot easier to justify the feelings with him in his human form. He opened himself up to love despite being damaged and he released Belle even knowing he was in love with her and that she was his last chance to break the curse. Super selfless.

Cyclops, X-Men: The Animated Series

Cyclops was a natural leader and it was hard not to love the way he loved Jean Grey. Plus, despite not being able to ever see half his face, he was a super hot. Who knew an animated character could have such great cheek bones?

Hercules, Hercules

Hercules set out to be a hero, not for glory or greed, but just so he could be reunited with his family. He also accepted Meg as a headstrong girl and never tried to make her a damsel in distress although he was willing to, and almost did, die for her. And I mean...those arms.

Li Shang, Mulan

Shang is so swoon worthy it's ridiculous. He's smart, athletic and a natural born leader. And. His. Body. OMG. There's a reason Disney made him shirtless for half of the movie. Shang was definitely a guy worth fighting for.

Robin, Batman: The Animated Series

Robin in this show was super hot and didn't look as young as he's usually portrayed. He's loyal and more badass than people give him credit for. Don't lie, you would gladly take him as your sidekick any day looking how he does.

Simba, Lion King

There's a reason Simba makes it on every hot cartoon character list. He was funny, sweet, adventurous on top of being a major babe, despite the fact he was a lion...and a cartoon. Who didn't wish they could trade places with Nala during their love scenes?

Tarzan, Tarzan

Tarzan was wild and untamed but his heart was purely good and he never lost his humor even as he grew up. The love he had for his mother only added to his attractiveness. It was hard not to fall in love with him as we watched him look at Jane with such innocent love.

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