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    19 Times Gene Wilder Was The Best Part Of "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory"

    RIP, Gene.

    1. When he enjoyed suspense like the rest of us:

    2. When he reminded us to let loose:

    3. When he made sense even when he wasn't making sense:

    4. When he gave us the pose that launched a million memes:

    5. When he showed us what passion looks like:

    6. When he understood the power of pure imagination:

    7. When he took one EPIC bow:

    8. When he was calm during the scene that freaked us out as kids:

    9. When he made the greatest entrance ever:

    10. When he understood the value of hard work:

    11. When he made us all want to taste snozzberries:

    12. When he backtracked in the best way possible:

    13. When he was all about the booze:

    14. When he inspired us to dream:

    15. When he executed amazing eye rolls:

    16. When he showed us what grace under pressure looks like:

    17. When his sarcasm was on point:

    18. When he knew how to use a cane like a pro:

    19. And when he was just as lazy as the rest of us:

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