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    21 Stunning "Beauty And The Beast" Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked

    Be our guest and look at these awesome tattoos!

    1. This stunning Belle stained glass tattoo:

    2. These spot-on portraits:

    3. This awesome watercolor mirror:

    4. This amazing watercolor dance tattoo:

    5. This beautiful quote:

    6. This gorgeous rose:

    7. This super cool glow-in-the-dark rose:

    8. This fierce geometric Beast:

    9. This intricate stained glassed tattoo:

    10. This beautiful silhouette of Belle and the Beast:

    11. This grayscale beauty:

    12. This colorful one of our favorite mother-son duo:

    13. This one for the Cogsworth fans:

    14. This linework mashup of all the characters:

    15. This one that honors Belle's love of reading:

    16. This colorful portrait of Belle:

    17. This couple tattoo:

    18. These gorgeous tats of Mrs. Potts and Chip:

    19. This dotwork one of Belle and the Beast holding hands:

    20. This bubbly Beast bathing tattoo:

    21. And finally, this linework of everyone's favorite princess:

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