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    19 Reasons Janis Ian Was The Best Part Of "Mean Girls"

    How do I even begin to describe Janis Ian?

    1. Her insults were always on point.

    2. She wasn't afraid to speak the truth.

    3. She really knew her friends.

    4. She called it as she saw — or smelt — it.

    5. She was a grade-A hype man.

    6. Her rants were simply EPIC.

    7. She was always ready with a comeback.

    8. Crack.

    9. She knew how to win over a crowd.

    10. Her actions spoke louder than her words.

    11. She was humble.

    12. She lovingly called out her friends.

    13. Her logic was irrefutable, and she wasn't afraid to get ~deep.~

    14. She knew how to turn people's words against them.

    15. She perfectly summarized the horror/delight of seeing a teacher outside of school.

    16. She didn't even know how to begin to explain Regina George.

    17. Except when she did.

    18. She was all of us during scary movies.

    19. And, like any good friend, she looked out for people.

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