20 Times Disney Princess Movies Straight-Up Lied To Us About Fashion

    A dinglehopper does not make a good brush, people.

    1. When they made us believe a fork makes a good hairbrush.

    2. When they made dress construction look magically easy.

    3. Same goes with alterations.

    Sure, they were magical speaking mice and birds, but still...

    4. When the shoe always fit perfectly.

    5. When they made us believe we could give ourselves flawless haircuts.

    6. When picking the perfect accessory was easy as pie.

    7. When they made accentuating one's waist look so simple.

    8. When a simple shimmy was all it took to look perky again.

    9. When lipstick and eyeliner went on perfectly in one brush stroke.

    10. When they lied about what wind does to hair.

    11. And then lied again about hair and water.

    12. When they acted like hat hair wasn't a thing.

    13. When getting the perfect braid was a walk in the park.

    14. When Disney had us believe a hair fix was this obvious and simple.

    15. When runny mascara came off in a millisecond.

    16. When gorgeous gowns grew in the sea.

    17. When finding the perfect wedding dress was as easy as kissing the groom.

    18. When Disney made changing outfit colors look so easy.

    19. When makeup removal didn't require elbow grease.

    20. And finally, when makeovers didn't require 11 hours and five trained professionals.

    Although sometimes they got it right. But only sometimes.

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