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18 Times Neville Longbottom Was The Absolute Best

"Why is it always me?"

1. When he was brave enough to stand up to his friends.

2. And brave enough to insult Death Eaters.

3. AND brave enough to stand up to them as well.

4. Oh, he stood up to Voldemort as well.

5. When he questioned McGonagall.

6. When the mandrakes got the best of him.

7. When he questioned his constant misfortune.

8. When he thought he killed Harry.

9. When it "went well."

10. When he was ever the optimist.

11. When he destroyed the last horcrux like a boss.

12. When he opened up about his heartbreaking past.

13. And when he was proud to be a Longbottom.

14. When he had the best dance moves at Hogwarts.

15. When he was honest about his memory.

16. When he confessed his biggest fear.

17. When he didn't let a small thing like a battle get in the way of his feelings.

18. And when his life could have been a whole different type of sad and painful.

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