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    12 Children's Movie Deaths That Totally Destroyed You

    Because not everyone that dies in children's movies magically comes back to life. Unfortunately.

    12. Charlotte, Charlotte's Web

    Paramount Pictures

    Probably the only spider that we've ever been sad to see die.

    11. Binx, Hocus Pocus

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Ugh. He was brave, caring, and adorable. At least his death meant his soul was finally free, but STILL.

    10. Leslie, Bridge to Terabithia

    Walt Disney Pictures

    It wasn't your fault Jess!

    9. Rufio, Hook

    TriStar Pictures

    Living in a place where people can't age should also mean they can't die! Rufio was the tough boy that was really a softie, and his death was incredibly sad.

    8. Bambi's Mother, Bambi


    Those big sad doe eyes as Bambi calls out for his mother in a snow storm. HEARTBREAKING.

    7. Kerchak, Tarzan

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Kerchak was kind of a dick at times, but declaring Tarzan his son right as he dies... gut wrenching.

    6. Littlefoot's Mother, The Land Before Time

    Universal Pictures

    Who was going to get Littlefoot to the Great Valley and get him all his star leaves?!

    5. Ellie, Up


    The first 15 minutes of this whole movie was basically a life lesson on how terrible adult life can be.

    4. The Iron Giant, The Iron Giant

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    You are who you choose to be and we choose to be sad AF over this.

    3. Marlin's Wife, Finding Nemo


    All in an effort to save her kids.

    2. Thomas, My Girl

    Columbia Pictures

    Fucking bees. Who knew someone worrying about glasses could make us cry so hard.

    1. Mufasa, The Lion King


    We can't even talk about this. If your heart didn't break when Simba asked his dead dad to get up, then you are as evil as the Disney animators that made this scene.

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