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10 Of The Most Obscure Baby Names For The Most Hard-Core Of Disney Fans

Do you think you know Disney. Like do you KNOW Disney? You may love these baby names. Disclaimer: none of these photos are mine. credit to the photographers.

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Emmeline is the nanny of Sally, the child star who takes the elevator with you in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Emmeline is of English origin and means "work," appropriate for your hardworking baby girl.


The Shipley-Lydecker House is the mansion in Baltimore that the Disneyland Haunted Mansion is aesthetically based off of. Shipley means 'of the sheep meadows.' A great name for either a cute little girl or a sweet little boy.


Hyacinth Hippo is the name of the hippo in Fantasia . Hyacinths are beautiful purplish blue flowers native to Turkey and Israel. In case you were stuck on a more obscure floral name, you're welcome.

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