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BOS > SFO : The 9 Transition Phases

If you are an East Coast Transplant living in SF, then chances are you already have or very shortly will, experience one or all of these 9 pivotal transition phases.

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1. You realize you are wearing shorts in January... / Via Reaction Gifs

and you don't hate it!

2. You kiiind of miss the snow... / Via Giphy

But do you really?

3. You head back for a quick visit... / Via Tumblr

And IMMEDIATELY remember why you left

4. You go hiking or biking... every. single. wknd. / Via Giphy

You will no longer take this Cali life for granted!

5. But then you FULLY embrace SF / Via Giphy

I'm on a beach in March... nothing to see here

6. June Gloom comes around... / Via Giphy

Why is it getting colder?? (!!)

7. Anger ensues upon seeing EC summer pics / Via Giphy

Did you make a mistake???

8. But then September arrives... / Via Giphy

The hills are alive once more

9. Aha SEPTEMBER is the start of SF Summer / Via Tumblr

It all makes sense now

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