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7 Ways You Know Your Obsession With The Bachelor Is OUT OF HAND

Has your guilty pleasure become your obsession? Time to confront your addiction.

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1. You think Monday is the new Friday

... what Monday blues? TGIM! It's an ALL-NEW episode of The Bachelor.

2. You try and get ALL of your friends hooked

Party at my place! It's Mondayyy !!!

3. You're in SHOCK that girl has a BF back home?!

How did I not see this coming!!??

4. You cannot believe he picked HER over HER...??

What was he thinking?? That girl is clearly NOT here for the right reasons.

5. You start to feel sympathy for EVERYONE...

Hey, she may be dumb but she deserves love too.

6. You start to cry when they cry...

But it's okay, right? You only get emotional with the last 4 (maybe 5) remaining girls.

7. Because you believe THIS time, it could work!

Maybe these crazy kids really have a shot after all!

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