10 Signs You Need To Get Off Tinder

You know it’s too much when…

1. This is how you feel EVERY time you match with someone..

doesn’t matter who.. :)

2. You when you match with the “perfect” guy..except he lives 5000 miles away

3. Then you’re like WTF Tinder…

Why you match me with someone 5000 miles away?

4. You talk to the guy with the craziest pick up line because…WHATEVER..it’s tinder..

5. But things get real weird real fast..and you’re just like

6. Why talk to real boys when you can just tinder tinder…all day long?!

7. When the guy is pictured in every photo with the same exact friend…

8. That moment when you see your ex lover is on tinder

9. Only to then see your ex boyfriend

..but really, why!?

10. Then there’s the day someone actually asks you out…

ha what? I was just tindering…

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