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    If You're A Millennial/Gen Z Cusp Kid, You Probably Grew Up With These 21 Things

    If you’re not a '90s kid and you're def not part of the TikTok generation you're a CUSPER, baby!

    1. Making artistic masterpieces on Kid Pix

    Broderbund / The Software MacKiev Company

    Some of that stuff was museum-worthy.

    2. Being a Webkinz kid


    Were you even a cusp kid if you didn't spin the Wheel of Wow on the daily?

    3. Shopping at Limited Too

    Limited Too

    The BEST part of going to the mall with your mom.

    4. Dousing yourself in Bath and Body Works perfume

    Bath and Body Works

    Forget Chanel No 5., Sweet Pea is where it's at!

    5. Showing off your moves in Dance Dance Revolution


    We all had that cool friend who had the PlayStation game at home.

    6. Soda-flavored Lip Smackers


    Sometimes you'd lick it off your lips for a lil' snack.

    7. Groovy Girls

    Manhattan Toy

    You def asked Santa for that awesome plush Groovin' Scooter.

    8. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Pizza Party Pickup Game


    The most stressful game EVER.

    9. Owning this sequin purse

    Walmart / Carrousell

    Rolling up to your friend's house with this beauty on your arm.

    10. Fruit Roll-Up tongue tattoos

    Facebook / Via @Nostalgia


    11. ZooPals


    Remember eating mac 'n' cheese off of these bad boys?

    12. Collecting Smencils

    Scentco Inc

    Root Beer was the best scent, hands down.

    13. Determining your fate with paper fortune tellers


    "Does my crush like me back?"

    14. Dunkaroos

    Betty Crocker / Via Bustle

    You knew it was a good day if mom packed these in your lunch.

    15. Begging your parents for Zhu Zhu Pets

    Cepia LLC

    Tag yourself: Pipsqueak, Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, or Chunk?

    16. Freaking out when the commercial for Moon Shoes came on

    Big Time Toys

    You were willing to sell your soul to cop a pair of these baddies.

    17. Watching My Life As a Teenage Robot


    You lowkey had a crush on Brad Carbunkle.

    18. Snacking on Pixy Stix

    All City Candy

    The sole reason you got cavities as a kid.

    19. Creating your perfect world on Dream Life


    Remember the struggle of plugging it into your TV?

    20. Decorating your pencils with scented erasers

    Mmmmmm, grape.

    21. And last but not least, renting Mary-Kate and Ashley movies from Blockbuster.

    Dualstar / Via Medium

    A slumber party MUST.

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