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The Original Hipster Of Hoboken!

Today is Election Day in Hoboken. Don't forget to vote.Click Here to learn more about the Original Hipster, Jim Doyle.

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1. Jim was into nature before hipsters called it organic

Since its inception in 2004, Jim has been a member of the Hoboken Parks Organization along with his wife, Leah Healey, which has effectively advocated for the acquisition and creation of much needed parks in Hoboken, such as the newly opened 1600 Park (at the City’s northern end), a park which HPO was instrumental in creating.

2. Jim knew how to party before hipsters did and he created his own 'social' club to prove it

Consistent with the Master Plan, Jim encourages steps to foster the creation of commercial, back office, and incubator businesses in future development of the City. That also include consideration for the preservation and rehabilitation of existing buildings to preserve our heritage and provide flexible spaces for small businesses and artisanal uses.

3. Jim was riding two-speeds before hipsters called them "fixies"

Among many great accomplishments, Jim helped launch the first bike share program in Hoboken. He's also actively involved in raising money for children at a special needs bike camp, Losing the Training Wheels.

5. Jim drank Bud Heavy before hipsters drank PBR

Jim advocates that the City conduct a “Build Out Analysis” to examine existing zoning and the Master Plan to forecast what the City will become it is developed as currently allowed. This examination would provide an estimate of the future population, uses, revenues, and number of school children to help anticipate demands on the sewer and transportation system, traffic, etc. to guide local officials in making planning and zoning decisions.

6. Jim rocked thick-rimmed glasses before hipsters and has the poor vision to prove it

In 2011, in the midst of the financial upheaval at Hoboken’s public Hospital, Jim was appointed by Governor Christie to serve on the board of the Hospital’s managing organization and helped effectuate the sale and transfer of the Hospital to a private owner, which saved the Hospital, 1,200 local jobs, and freed the City from a potentially devastating $52 million bond guarantee.

7. Jim rocked running shorts before it was hipster and has the marathon medals to prove it

Since 1996, Jim has led the Hoboken Harriers Running Club and its annual charitable events, which benefit local charities such as the Jubilee Center, United Cerebral Palsy of Hudson County.

9. Jim created the social causes hipsters are involved with now

As a twenty-five year employee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Jim is committed to the environment and sustainable solutions to problems. He joined Hoboken’s volunteer Green Team to help the City become a more sustainable community, and advocates incorporating green infrastructure into our development decisions. We need incentives for installing green roofs, rain-barrels, rain-gardens, and we need to encourage builders to seek LEED certification, whether in new building or in retrofitting existing buildings, all to help become a more resilient City.

10. Do we have your support for Jim Doyle as City Councilman?

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