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The Original Hipster Of Hoboken!

Today is Election Day in Hoboken. Don't forget to vote.Click Here to learn more about the Original Hipster, Jim Doyle.

Sminx 5 years ago

We Bought A Park!

Hoboken now owns the one acre of land that will be the start of the new Southwest park. What should the park be, Click Here to tell us your ideas.

Sminx 5 years ago

Are You Hoboken Ready?

Hoboken neighbors today is the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. I found this information on our City website. Read below and prepare for next time. Click Here to learn more about the Hoboken Ready Plan.

Sminx 5 years ago

10 Reasons Your Mayor Is A Keeper

Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer is up for re-election on Tuesday, November 5th. Click Here to learn more about her.

Sminx 6 years ago