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Top 5 Horror Movies/Shows To Watch On Netflix

What better way to get you into the Halloween spirit than some creepy movies and shows?

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5. Scary Movie 2

Okay so not so much of a true horror movie, BUT it has somewhat of a creepy vibe, along with some comedic relief. The "Scary Movie" franchise is known for its parodies and interpretation of popular scary movies. This particular one has its fun with multiple iconic horror flicks such as "The Exorcist," "Poltergeist," "Hannibal," and along with the eerie movies, they have a spin on other popular movies such as "Charlie's Angel's" and "Mission Impossible 2." Basically if you want to watch a creepy movie, but want to actually sleep at night, Scary Movie 2 is the dumb, funny horror movie for you.

4. Hush

Not so much a horror movie as it is full suspense. This movie keeps you on edge for the ENTIRE MOVIE. There's never dull moment. This thriller is about a BAD ASS DEAF WRITER LIVING ALONE IN THE WOODS, and she has to fight off a killer intruder. LIKE HOW DO YOU FIGHT SOMEONE WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN HEAR THEM ENTER YOUR HOUSE. Just such an intense movie, you have to see how this woman defends herself and how she overcomes the obstacles placed in front of her.

3. Scream: The TV Series

Many people know of the classic horror movie "Scream," well MTV created a spin off series from the movie. Similar premise, group of high school students being tormented by a psycho killer, with multiple plot twists along the way. WELL IN THIS SERIES THERE IS A PLOT TWIST AT LEAST 4 TIMES IN EVERY EPISODE. Okay, maybe not that many times, but there is always that one moment where you think to yourself, "damn WHAT?!" Just warning you, every time you say "just one more episode," you'll end up saying that a lot more times than you want.

2. Dead Silence

Possessed dolls. Creepy story behind the dolls. Absolute silence to the point where you feel uneasy. Quite possibly one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. Plus, classic ventriloquist dolls are creepy as hell.

1. American Horror Story

From a haunted house, to an insane asylum, to witchcraft, to a freak show, and to a haunted hotel, American Horror Story covers it all. Each season has something different to offer, and each season gets more messed up than the last. Go ahead, binge watch all five seasons. You'll thank me later.

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