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Which Delta Nu Member Are U?

Which gal or guy are you in the best friggin srat in Baker???????

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  1. Favorite book

    Harry Potter
    Star Girl
    For How Come I Became A Mountain Man!
    The Color Purple
  2. Dream Job

    Bread maker and hottie
    Librarian and band member
    Server and Smoocher
    Barista and exotic dancer
  3. Catch phrase you identify with

    OH my...
    wanna climb?
  4. Dream date

    Driving four hours to a remote location with someone you've never met before
    Becoming triggered during a showing of La La Land
    Getting veggie clubs and jamming to jazz music
  5. Favorite piece of clothing

    Hiking Boots
    Birkenstocks (every god damn day)
  6. Favorite color

    Every color in nature!
    Forrest green
  7. Which meal is the most appetizing?

    Italian Sub
    Anything I can collect from nature
    Hershey Kisses
  8. Favorite Delta Nu memory!

    Halloween party ;)
    Meeting new people at Too's!
    The alley behind UDF
    Kissing all the girls in Baker
  9. Favorite item in the Delta Nu house

  10. Favorite show

    Parks and Rec
    Orange is the New Black
    New Girl
    I don't watch TV when I'm in nature!
  11. Greatest strength

    Escaping from bears and mountain lions
    Pooping in the woods
    Seducing all the men (and women) of baker west with your sexy dance moves
    Social ineptitude and piano skillzzzz
  12. What is your one flaw?

    Light weight!!!
    Getting black out drunk on your birthday
    Getting black out drunk on New Years
    Your shady past...

Which Delta Nu Member Are U?

You got: Madelineee Bertha Thompson Swag

Congrats! Your prayers have been answered! You're a ginger-lezbean now! If you weren't a killer musician before, you're one now!! Watch out ladies of OSU because this soul stealer is coming your way! DELTA NU FOR LYFE (best friends with Brennan)

Madelineee Bertha Thompson Swag
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You got: Lauren from Kentucky

Unfortunately you've been cast as that most socially awkward Delta Nu sister that there is. Boys don't understand her, girls don't understand her, even the Dirt Locker doesn't understand her. Guard your food, guard your coffee, and get ready to make every night a WEEKEND with Lauren ;)

Lauren from Kentucky
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You got: Sean Connery

Watch out boys! This man will steal your lady in no time with his sweet talking and cute face. Not to mention his SEXY mountain body ;))))

Sean Connery
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You got: Fijona Minucci

You're one firey lady (even though your boxed hair dye job gone wrong says otherwise). Some would say you were shady in high school but you're a changed woman! Your interests include trolling your roommate, peeing in urinals, hiding your candles when your RA walks by your room, and just being a meme queen!!! Watch out boys though.. she's a man eater

Fijona Minucci
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