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Doctor Comic Jagdish Chaturvedi Announces An Open Joke Challenge On Social Media To Come Up With 65 Funny Jokes – These 15 Will Leave You In Splits

Ahead of his first international stand-up comedy performance in Dubai last month, Ear nose throat surgeon and Indian Stand-up comic Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, announced an open challenge -“Give me a word, I will make it a joke” on Facebook to help him exercise his comedy skills.

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After Jagdish announced the challenge on his Facebook, what followed was a downpour of challenging words to test the comedian’s creativity and skills. These included complicated words taken fresh out of the dictionary, simple words that we utilize daily, complex medical terminologies and words in local Indian languages. As Jagdish started to respond to these words, more kept flowing in until very soon, the comedian found himself responding to 65 unique words. While many are hilarious, some are deep, sarcastic and at times philosophical, most of them carry a local Indian flavor. We have handpicked 15 to share with you here.

1. Dubai

2. Watermelon

3.Anastomosis (Medical meaning - a connection made surgically between adjacent blood vessels, parts of the intestine, or other channels of the body.)

4. Rain

5. Corruption

6. Tenuous

7. Peace (This one is my favorite one)

A master peace, get it? HAHA.

A master peace, get it? HAHA.

8. Sjogren’s syndrome (a long-term autoimmune disease in which the moisture-producing glands of the body are affected. Leading to excessive dryness of the eyes, mouth and skin)

Dry state here refers to the alcohol ban in the state.

Dry state here refers to the alcohol ban in the state.

9. Advertisement

10. Hearing loss

11. Love

13. Jugaad – Local word for quick solution

14. Chori- Hindi word for girl

15. Allergy

That's all folks!

Besides being a surgeon and a stand up comic, Dr. Chaturvedi is also a serial medical device innovator and author. Follow him on Twitter @DRJagdishChatur. His stand up comedy channel on Youtube is The Magaa of Small Things.

To read all 65 jokes, scroll here below. To comment and add more words to this list visit his Facebook status.

All 65 jokes


What do you call an anxious and terified Arab? - A Shake


Journalist to Shashi Tharoor - Sir, aapko kaisa lag raha hai

Tharoor - Prerajutation

Journalist - Sir, you live up to your rereputation


In an art gallery

Admirer 1- This painting is so peaceful

Admirer 2- Yes, it indeed is a master peace


What do you become when you unleash such a challenge? - A Joke

Comedy Kar ke meine apni life Joke-im mein dal di hai


My Hindi teacher's name was Chaturvedi. It was literally a Sir-Name


What is the biggest competition to stand up comedy? - Engineering

7.Sjogren's syndrome

Jokes on Sjogren's will only work in Gujrat

Because its a Dry state. They will understand

8.Zindagi keh rhi hai maar hi daalo gey


Boy- How would you define our relationship.

Girl- it's Like an Anna-to-me

Boy - Ok Sis. See you at Raksha Bandhan


Patient- Doctor, I am having a head ache

Doctor- It is because of Ache Din


What do you call the iOS of iPhone X – Tenuous


Teacher - Who was the most accurate karate fighter of all time

Student - Precise Lee

13.Donald trump?

What is the name of Donald Trump's pet

A. Trumpet


I love exams, I am pro-tests

15.BJP – Bharatiya Janta Party

Hey, I was supposed to tell a joke


What do you call a camel who thinks it is a lion – Camelion


The most dangerous desert in the world is truly kha'thar'nak


Ram while fighting Ravana - You are quite TENacious


An old man on the streets of Kolkata stopped me and asked me "Epitome kya hai"

Amazed with the high literature, I shared the meaning of it. He looked blank, pointed at my watch and said again "Epitome kya hai?" kitna Baja hai?


When you know before hand that sum thing is going to happen tuous. It's called presumptuous


Doctor : Tabiyat kaisi hai

Patient: Habibi waisi ki waisi


When your car runs out of petrol, it becomes be-car!


What did hardware tell Software - You have a long way to go buddy, this is hard work

Software- That's Hardly true. You need to speak softly.

24.Hearing loss

What do you call it when an audiologist goes bankrupt? - A Hearing loss

25.RCB- Royal Challengers Bangalore (Cricket team)

What does RCB stand for?



I had an Arabic joke but it bombed. That's why I dropped it.


A Psycho salesman once said - Psycho lo ji

28.Ladies purse

When Yashoda saw the entire world in Krishna's mouth, it wasn't a miracle. He had swallowed her purse.

29.Non sense

A good cook is one who has a strong 6th sense - It's called non sense : the sense that determines the amount of salt one needs to put in food

(non is salt in rural Hindi)


Medical definition of Marriage - A virtual anastomosis


When rain gets delayed, it's dew


Mein achhe traits dhoondne nikla, Por-traits mujhe mile nahin


What do you call a gripping dream –SyNAPse


Jagdish is a nice, modest and down to earth person.


I asked for a watermelon juice and said don't add water

He gave me melon juice


My friend is a Hairy Pouter. I don't wand to be like him


Love and mistakes are not very different, they both have to be made


What is the stethoscope's favourite song

A- Chaiyan Chaiyan

Because it has beats from Dil se

39. Allergy

Allergy par joke marna Acheeeeeee Baat Nahin hai


Akbar had a special crazy fan - he called her Dewani Khas


Every time I hear the word Pheochromocytoma, it gives me an adrenaline rush


Singles love Dubai, because everyone who goes there ends up getting a 'date'


What is the main job of a Pharmacist?

A. Transcription - The art of translating a prescription


Many Men have started to work in NGO's. This growing trend is called Men-iNGO- ma


Haryana ke ek gaon ki chori ne ek bada sa Mall khola.

Log ab kehte hein ki yeh Chori ka-maal hai


Life becomes a joke when jokes become life


I was playing ludo and my dice stopped rolling. It was paradice'd


Selfie in Hindi Ka matlab Khud ki Lena


Abhishek owes Jagdish 1 million dollars


Nirvana can be attained if you are the man who sold the world


How would the terminator say good bye to you?

Ashta la vishta baby!


Be patient, I will share a joke soon


A medical student had deep knowledge about the ear.

He was given the award of "Student of the ear"


What do you call an infected pun



I can't make a joke about this wearing a Burkha

Because lips - stick under my Burkha

56.PSM – Preventive and Social Medicine

Every Indian by default practices preventive and social medicine

They prevent medicines for social reasons


If Hollywood decided to make a comedy movie on corruption, what would it be called?

- Father of the bribe


Advertisement for the movie Inception:

An advertiser advertising about advertising advertisors advertisements


Disclaimer - This is a medial joke

Professor to medical students - Name a lipophilic organism

Student - Malayali's: Because they are densely found in oil producing regions (coconut or petroleum)

Note - Lipophillia is attraction to fat/oil


What's a joke that every wife laughs at – Husband


What does an innovator say when excited -


Oh My juGaad


What do you call a patriotic aunty?

Aunty – National


Who is a true peanut?- A peanut seller who earns in peanuts by selling peanuts


Sometimes, all you need is an idea to make network


Same to you.

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