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MS Week

We know a lot of people don't really understand MS. MS Awareness Week is our chance to speak up as a community. MS Awareness Week 2019 runs from 22-28 April. It's a chance to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, and the reality of living with it. Join us to spread the word about MS. #ThisIsMS. Most people have a vague idea what MS is, but lots of them are a bit confused. Some people know it causes problems with how we move. But what about how we feel? And the symptoms you can't see? For MS Awareness Week, let's help everyone understand #ThisIsMS. Share your story A lot of people are confused about MS. They know it causes problems with how we move. But what about how we feel? Well it’s MS Week, so let’s tell the world #ThisIsMS!

madamehighst • 5 months ago

Combining Fashion, Music & Mental Health Awareness? Yes You Can.

In Music We Trust, Music & Mental Health Awareness, the clothing brand by Aiden Hatfield that's paying it forward. Aiden Hatfield is first and foremost a musician, he is passionate about music, his music, all music. It is as his slogan on one of his branded t-shirts states “Music is my Medicine.” What makes Aiden admirable is the fact he has used his passion for music to serve as a platform to raise the issue of mental health awareness, on his own as an individual, simply because he felt the need and the desire. This is not a vague faceless campaign or something he simply pays lip service to, he puts his thoughts and feelings and shares his own journey with mental health on the line and in the public domain in the desire to help and inspire. He amazingly donates 50% of profits to Mind charity to help those with mental health issues. This October 10th is World Mental Health Awareness Day. Show some support before the day order something you can wear, gift, enjoy, show some support for the brand that's trying to enable support for us all. Pay it Forward.

madamehighst • One year ago

The Voice Singer Going Viral With His Cover Of Evermore From Disney's Beauty And The Beast.

You may remember Karl Loxley, the Classical Crossover Singer/Actor as seen on #TheVoiceUK #TEAMTOM, well check out how he's taking the internet by storm with this viral video featuring his cover of Evermore from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Truly stunning, one to watch! #beautyandthebeast #beourguest

madamehighst • 2 years ago

The Russians Are Coming, And This One's After Your Scalp!

Fashionista's may have noticed the sudden surge for the celebrity hair experience courtesy of one rather talented Russian lady making waves in London, Manchester and beyond the shores of the UK. Her reach is long, her client list is strong and she means business! Venture into the world of the instal-glam and fabulous.

madamehighst • 2 years ago

Maiden Voyage? Virgin Travel Adventure? Keep Your Family Vacations Interesting.

Don't get set in a holiday rut, don't just do the same thing all the time, year on year, there's a whole wide world out there and so many ways to explore it!

madamehighst • 2 years ago

The Competition Turning Twitter Into A Travel Blog.

There's one thing people love on twitter, the chance to share their ideas, their opinions, their work. One hotel brand has seized upon this concept audience, followers, as travel writers by launching an amazing competition that has captured the hearts, minds and keyboards of the Twitter family en-mass.

madamehighst • 2 years ago

If You're Going To Shop Hard In The Sales...go To A Proper Sale!

There are hundreds, well thousands of supposed sales trying to get your attention and take your Christmas Budget right now with it being Black Friday and with Cyber Monday to follow. However, sometimes, it's a smart move to look beyond the usual suspects, look at higher end or niche retailers, for some unique goods and fantastic sales deals.

madamehighst • 2 years ago

Celebrity Style, Millie Mackintosh Is Having A Sample Sale.

For details of the physical sample sale of the clothing line by Millie Mackintosh of Made in Chelsea fame, and a review of the Fashionista's online clothing range, read here.

madamehighst • 2 years ago

Want To Drop It Like Gigi Hadid?

Super Model, fashionista, Gigi Hadid loves this brand and wears them often, and guess what, it's within your reach and price range!

madamehighst • 2 years ago

The Latest Invasion Of NYC - The Brits Are Coming.

Newsflash: NYC is about to be invaded, have you heard the latest news on the fashionista hotline, the Brits are coming, and they mean business!

madamehighst • 2 years ago


The world is your oyster if you know how to go out there and get it...pretty much every product, service and experience is negotiable or source-able far easier than ever before thanks to online shopping and lifestyle bloggers guiding us all through.

madamehighst • 2 years ago