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Believe It Or Not, There's A Totally Bizarre "Twilight Saga" Quote That Matches Your Vibe

The movies, not the books, spider monkey.

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So, Twilight. Romantic. Iconic. Wolf-y. Vampire-y. Sparkly. And full of one-liners that'll make your organs shrivel up into powder within the husk of your soulless body.

Edward stares intensely at Bell'a neck

If you've watched a single one of the films, you know that the movie is filled with these gut-punch quotes that come out of nowhere. It is a bonafide CRINGEFEST, especially when watching with a skeptic who just doesn't understand the allure, cultural impact, and deep artistry of the five-film franchise.

Admittedly, the films can be a little much. But even these painful one-liners have their time and place! Venture into these bizarre questions below to find out which quote most expresses your inner essence. You have my full blessing to make the result your new life motto!

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