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12 Awesome Gifts You Can Buy For Under $50

Make everyone on your list happy without breaking the bank, thanks to Macy's and Goodful.

1. A home fragrance collection guaranteed to make any home feel like a spa.

2. This frying pan and matching spatula for the chef in your life.

3. A four-piece travel set for your globetrotting friends.

4. This stovetop espresso maker for any caffeine fanatic.

5. Or this iced tea tumbler for your friends on the go.

6. These teeny-tiny cast-iron pans.

7. These silky-smooth eye masks for chic and luxurious nap times.

8. This super cute Pyrex set for bringing lunch to work in style.

9. These perfectly packed wellness kits.

10. This mini waffle iron for breakfast enthusiasts.

11. These stemless wine tumblers for the spillers in your life.

12. This knit hoodie with matching joggers to help your friends stay stylish and cozy.

Get all these items and more from Macy's and Goodful.