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12 Times Pentatonix Gave You Serious Squad Goals

Pentatonix aren't just award-winning a cappella stars — they're also BFFs. For a chance to win $25,000 for your school, grab your own squad and enter the Macy’s All-School A Cappella Challenge!

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1. To begin with, their style game is always effortlessly on point.

2. Oh, and, um, they also...effortlessly match their SURROUNDINGS?

Bow down.

3. They have their own totally indecipherable language...

an actual mix note I just sent to a professional engineer all good squads do.

4. But they're always up for inviting someone new into their circle.

5. They use their friendship to inspire young people (and mediate the arguments of said young people).

6. And their photo booth game is on point.

8. They know how to make each other laugh, even when they're more than a little nervous.

9. Plus, they totally know how to make the most of what little downtime they have.

10. But most importantly, they really know how to throw back.

11. Wait, no, they REALLY know how to throw back...

12. ...and can we reiterate the matching thing?

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