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12 Things Everyone Did At The Start Of A New School Year

Ah, the start of another school year. Didn't it make you want to skip down the hallowed halls and sing a happy song? For a chance to win $25,000 for your school, enter the Macy’s All-School A Cappella Challenge and show us what you've got!

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1. You tried out that new nickname you gave yourself.


And hoped it'd catch on.

2. You unveiled a totally new and surprising personal style.

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OK, you spent all summer cooking it up. But no one had to know.

3. And you sent shockwaves through the halls with your brand-new haircut.

4. You planned your outfits for the entire first week.

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5. You tried your best to stick to a reasonable bedtime.

Because waking up tired was the worst.

Because waking up tired was the worst.

6. You set your alarm a little earlier so that you could spend time making your new hairstyle just right.

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7. You started a new planner and SWORE that this time you'd stick to it.

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8. You really believed you would keep your new sneakers sparkling white.


9. You justified the need for multipacks of index cards, color pens, sticky notes, and binders...

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...and rulers, highlighters, a stapler, and some paper clips!

10. You convinced yourself that this would be the year you actually won over your crush.

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Or at least talk to them.

11. You signed up for a bunch of new clubs.

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12. You tried your best to keep your handwriting cute and actually take useful notes.


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