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17 Reasons You'll Always Be An A Cappella Kid

Once an a cappella kid, always an a cappella kid. If you've got the voice, prove it! For a chance to win $25,000 for your school, enter the Macy's All-School A Cappella Challenge!

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3. You get incredibly excited when your friends accidentally match their outfits.

Bonus points if bow ties are involved.

14. You've had to relearn your old a cappella parts when wedding season comes along.

Courtesy of David Burris

And don't even ask what happens when both the bride and groom did a cappella!

16. You keep a notebook with a list of songs that would make GREAT a cappella covers — just in case.


You also keep a running list of good a cappella group names. Again, just in case...

17. You're still secretly trying to get famous for your voice.

At least on the internet!

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