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14 Perfect Gifts Under $25 For Your Valentine

Show how much you care without breaking the bank.

1. These adorable donut soaps for your sweetest friend.

2. This enamel pin for your friend who has their look on lock.

3. This punderful gym towel.

4. This flask that may or may not contain ~magic~.

5. This macaron eraser set that's perfect for your most colorful friend.

6. This Betsey Johnson wristlet for your friend who is truly one of a kind.

7. This "Letters To My Future Self" notepad for your friend who gives such great pep talks.

8. This peanut-butter-and-perfect phone case for your bestie.

9. These matching mom-and-kid socks, as soft and cozy as love itself.

10. This travel mug to remind your on-the-go friend that you care.

11. A marble journal to write some gorgeous love poems in.

12. These magical geode headphones, all the better to listen to that playlist you made for them!

13. These adorable heart-shaped dishes to capture every ring (and every heart).

14. And this jumbo inflatable inner tube for your beach bae.

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Product images courtesy of Macy's.