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10 Perfect Gifts (Plus A Matching Fun Activity) For Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect way to show your mom how much you love her? Look no further than Macy's.

1. A purse as gorgeous as she is and a botanical garden to show it off in.

2. This cozy lil' throw and a cute lil' movie night.

3. This modern bar collection makes for the perfect cocktail night.

4. This classic pendant necklace goes well with a classic mom date: BRUNCH.

5. Cook up a family recipe (or two!) with this flower cocotte.

6. Some cute sandals for her — and some cute pedicures for both of you!

7. This super-chic robe and some breakfast in bed.

8. How about a Fitbit watch and a hike to get in those steps?

9. A pair of chic and cozy UGG slides that are perfect for a day of shopping together.

10. For the mom who always made time for you, this Citizen bracelet watch is a stunning piece.

And if you want more perfect gifts for Mama (and who doesn't?!), get yourself over to Macy's today.

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