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Here's How Macy's Is Helping Veterans And Military Families In 2021

Macy's is helping veterans and military families this summer and you can too!

We all love joining Macy's for their much-anticipated annual 4th of July fireworks. Why stop there when you can help them do something truly impactful this year?

Older husband and wife with their arms around each other. Husband wearing army T-shirt.

When you shop in-store at Macy's this July, you can round up your purchase and donate your change to Blue Star Families, a nonprofit that supports military families, and Bunker Labs, an organization that helps support military-connected entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Female veteran returning from war in fatigues hugging her son.

Since 2018, Macy's funding has supported the operation of 6 Blue Star Families communities, reaching 60,000 military families every year. Blue Star Families' programs and resources provide more than $40 million in benefits to our service members and their families annually.

A family hugs military dad

These donations will fund the Bunker Labs Entrepreneurship Workshop series, which helps members of underrepresented populations — including Black, female, Latinx, and Asian American entrepreneurs — launch and grow their businesses.

Female veteran working on her laptop with her son in foreground.

Funding from Macy's has also provided over $135 million in startup revenue and created more than 2,800 jobs for veterans.

Soldier holding sign stating, "I love my job."

So when you donate your change, you know it's going directly to a great cause.

Female veteran standing in front of an American flag with a paper sign on it that says, "Welcome home"

Head to to donate now or shop in-store to round up your purchase and donate to Blue Star Families and Bunker Labs.

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