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11 Gifts For The People Who Leave You Clueless

Once you cross these people off your list, you can officially consider yourself a gifting genius. Visit Macy's for solutions to every yuletide stumper in your life.

1. The Life of the Party

When the host with the most
Has a party to please,
She breaks out the fondue kit
(And then she's the big cheese).

2. The Former Bro

Since he's far from his days
Of a beer and a shot
Introduce him to cocktails
(Because keg stands, they're not).

3. The Adult Who Isn’t, Really

For the boy who is thirty,
For the man who's a child,
Get these fuzzy claw slippers,
And watch him go wild.

4. The Workout Fiend

All those squats and those pull-ups,
They're simply no use
If the man who is squatting
Does not also juice.

5. The Teenage Cousin

For the girl who's "whatever"
"Lol" and "I die..."
Watch this chic "I Can't" sweater
Bring a gleam to her eye.

6. The Cute Cook

There's not one baking beauty
Who can honestly say
That a polka dot apron
Doesn't sweeten their day.

7. The Literal Ball of Stress

For the mad workaholic
Who's constantly stressed
The gift of a sound spa
Is the gift of good rest.

8. The Travelin’ Man

Packing lotions and toiletries
Can just be the worst,
But this sleek kit will bump him
From Business to First.

9. The Work Bestie

Since you both think the office
Is 100° below
Warm up your work bestie
With this fashionable throw.

10. The Health Nut

"Turn zucchini to pasta?
"Can it really be so?"
Yes, your health nut might marry
Her Veggetti Pro.

11. The Dog Walker

For the friend who walks pooches
To pay off their bills
Let this FitBit remind them
Of their cardio skills.

All illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed

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