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13 Amazing Prom Looks For Your Whole Party Squad

Achieve #PromGoals for your whole squad, only with Macy's.

1. The Old Hollywood Starlet: For the girl whose style evokes the airs of Old Hollywood glamour.

2. The Chic Minimalist: For the girl in your group who lives by the mantra "less is more."

3. The Forward Fashionista: Always ahead of the fashion game, this friend isn't afraid to make a statement with her style.

4. The Flower Child: For the free-spirited friend who always keeps the peace.

5. The Social Media Maven: For the girl who knows how to shine at all the right angles to nail that gram-worthy prom pose.

6. The Subtle Sweetheart: Subtle with a touch of sparkle is this girl's aesthetic.

7. The Vintage Darling: For a vision in vintage-inspired style, this one's for the fans of 1920s glamour.

8. The Alternative Artisan: Expressing herself creatively is second nature to this chick.

9. The Showstopper: Turning heads is what this girl does best.

10. The Blushing Babe: For the girl who keeps it simple and sophisticated.

11. The Retro Romantic: The girl who will never fall out of love with retro style — this one's for her.

12. The Red Carpet Reverent: For the fashionista whose favorite season is award season.

13. The Dancing Damsel: For the dancing queen who's looking to throw some shapes all night long.

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