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11 Perfect Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who's Hard To Shop For

If he's hard to shop for, keep one thing in mind: elevating his style. Find the perfectly thoughtful Father's Day gift at Macy's!

1. A new shirt to introduce prints into his wardobe rotation:

2. A fresh pair of shorts to replace his most ancient pair of denim ones:

3. An at-home assistant to make him less wary of technology:

4. A suave cologne to freshen up his swagger:

5. A crisp dress shirt and tie to gussy up that suit:

6. A set of style staples that's an instant wardrobe perk:

7. A new pair of sandals that aren't older than you are:

8. A pair of sporty shorts to bring out his inner baller:

9. A pair of swim trunks that'll encourage him to soak up the sun:

10. A watch that can keep up with his adventurous side:

11. And finally, a fresh tee he'll get lots of mileage out of:

Find the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad at Macy's.

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