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16 Gifts That Are As Cute As They Are Useful

Give them a gift that's unique and useful this season. Find everything you’re looking for at Macy’s, the ultimate gifting destination.

1. This whimsical water bottle:

2. This gift that's worth its weight in gold:

3. This relaxing recharge kit:

4. This totally festive tote:

5. This convenient catch-all dish:

6. This calming coloring kit:

7. This instant memory maker:

8. These party-starter supplies:

9. This personalized patch and pouch set:

10. This tasty trinket:

11. This fresh and festive crossbody:

12. These fizz-friendly flutes:

13. These stylish yet mighty headphones:

14. This showstopper phone case:

15. This customizable journal pack:

16. This delightful tea infuser:

And check out Macy's Whimsical Gifts to find even more unique items for everyone on your list!

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