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    • macness

      I try and fight every single day to stop that stereotype. Butashort, recent anecdote:
      Ihave been working for my company for3months.Ibring in lunch and snacks and politely decline when people offer meacookie [butter] or other goodies they have brought.Ithank them and get on with my work day. Fast forward to the company christmas party where we were going to havearoom atarestaurant.Idiscretely called ahead and discussed with the manager thatIcould not eat what was on our fixed menu and they assured me they would accommodate me. My food comes up and it’s different than everyone else’s so people at my table started asking me questions about whyIwas having something different.Itold them thatIwasavegan and the menu didn’t cater to that lifestyle so the kitchen was gracious enough to accommodate me. Cue the open can of worms….Iwas at that point no longer enjoyingameal with my colleagues, who up to this point didn’t knowIwas vegan, but now participating in an interrogation.Iwas able to get through lunch fielding question after question, at times deflecting rude comments. All becauseIordered different food.  In addition to that, after that event, every timeIstart chit chat withacolleague on something COMPLETELY unrelated, my cube mate will throw in “Did you know he’savegan?” Which honestly, is annoying. It may as well be said like “Did you know he has gonorrhea?” It’s my damn lifestyle. Let me live it in peace. (Not to you ImALoserBaby) If you’re curious and have an open mind, I’d be glad to talk about it. Start treating me likealeper and you show me what kindaperson you are. Every time someone makesacomment similar to yours about self-entitlement or pretentious, allIcan think of is “I just wanted to eat my fucking food. You’re the one waving bacon in my face.” Anyway,Ihope you get to meet some unpretentious vegans.Iknowalot of them. You probably don’t know them because they aren’t waving their lifestyle all up in your face.

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