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25 Things Every Ghanaian Living In The UK Knows

There is nothing better than Jollof rice.

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1. This is how you start your day.

And you know it beats a Full English.

2. You're literally incapable of having a conversation without using the word "Chale".

3. You know the party doesn't really start until you bust out some Azonto moves on the dance floor.


4. Which is probably why adults always take over at kids' birthday parties.

6. You will never love anyone the way you love Jollof rice.


9. 5pm Greenwich Mean Time = 7pm Ghana Man Time.

Party starts at 5pm? Expect us two hours later.

12. You know you're in an Accra-bound check in queue at Heathrow when you see hundreds of these.


14. You'll never forgive Luis Suarez for this.

He single-handedly broke our hearts.

15. You know that fufu powder is the greatest invention in Ghanaian culinary history.

Life in the UK would be unbearable without fufu powder.


18. You obviously voted for Fleur East on this year's X Factor.


21. You know the difference between a big banana and a plantain.

And you know how to fry, boil, and roast them.

22. This is your reaction whenever you see Idris Elba on TV.


23. Your living room has been turned into a hair salon at some point.

Why go to the salon when your mother or sister can do the braids?

25. But most importantly, you put Shito on everything.