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14 Thoughts Everyone Has Before They Graduate College

You've been waiting your whole life for this moment, and you really can't tell if you are excited or terrified.

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4. Speaking of a job, at this point the looming question of "What the hell am I doing with my life?" becomes increasingly more urgent as graduation comes closer.

*Pulls up to drive through* "Hello yes, I would like to order a purpose in life" "Ohhh sorry ma'am we just sold our last one. We do have a fresh batch of existential crisis though, if you are interested!"

7. You laugh at all the lowerclassmen struggling with the workload

All the assignments just seem so funny. A four page paper that everyone is complaining about. An hour long test. Hilarious. You could get them done in your sleep. (Not that you will actually get them done early. You've got a reputation to uphold after all.)

9. You take every chance you can get to hang out with your friends because you know that soon you will never be able to hang out with them like this again.

No Becky I can't hang out right now. It's 2 AM. I just did my taxes yesterday. It was really taxing on me. Have you SEEN this picture of a mountain with the words "Live, Laugh, Love" written over it? Oh man. SO INSPIRATIONAL. I didn't know Maya Angelo said this! That woman is an INSPIRATION. I have to go put this on facebook.

14. But most of all, you realize that you are on the cusp of the next great adventure in your life. The possibility are limitless! You have no idea what you are doing, but you are going to have a damned good time figuring it out.

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