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How Does The Cast Of FST Improv Get Ready For Summer?

The cast of FST Improv is thrilled to kick off the summer with their HOT show, Comedy Lottery. As the temperature rises and the sun blares down even more, we all have to prepare for the Summer! The cast shared with us what they do to get ready for their summer:

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1. Hunter Brown

Photo by Matthew Holler.

"I'm getting ready for this summer by prepping for FST Improv's performance at the Del Close Marathon in NYC. I'm also getting ready by putting on lots of sunscreen and eating pizza, but I always do that anyway!"

2. Steve Turrisi

Photo by Matthew Holler.

"First thing is to change the oil in the lawn mower... no wait, I did that in February. Oh yeah, put out the patio furniture...huh? It's always outside. Ok, I put away my long-sleeve shirts and sweaters; I have one of each...I guess I really don't do anything...darn it's tough adjusting to this nice weather."

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