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5 Ways To Improvise At Your Thanksgiving Dinner

You're hosting Thanksgiving at your home, the turkey hasn't thawed completely, you forgot the stuffing, the pumpkin pie has burnt, and your in-laws will be there any minute. What do you do? The cast of FST Improv shares 5 tips on how to improvise at your holiday gathering.

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1. Table Top Paper Football

Patrick A. Jackson. Photo by Matthew Holler

Take this Turkey Day sports event from the screen to your table. While waiting for that bird to get out of the oven, make a paper football and have the kiddos have their own bowl game right there at the table!

2. "Yes and...!"

Adam Ratner. Photo by Matthew Holler.

The ultimate tenet and number one rule of Improv is the phrase 'Yes and...!' This definitely applies to Thanksgiving Dinner. Especially when being offered another helping from the holiday feast.

Example: Aunt Gladys: Would you like some more pumpkin pie?
You: Yes! And smother it in whipped cream, please!

3. Everyday Olympics: Thanksgiving Edition

Andrew Deeb. Photo by Matthew Holler.

A game for four. Grab two family members to narrate as sportscasters while the other two family members act out in great competitive Olympic fashion, the preparation for thanksgiving day meal. Don't forget to pause and rewind for slow motion replays, you wouldn't want to miss a foul move!

4. Talking Hands: Napkin Folding Edition

Katelyn McKelley. Photo by Matthew Holler.

In teams of two, see if you can talk your hand partner through the epic Holiday tradition of napkin folding! Let's make that table top presentable.

5. Thanksgiving Pizza

Will Luera. Photo by Matthew Holler.

When improvising you never know what kind of situation is going to be thrown at you. So you have to have a multitude of options waiting in the wings. The same can be said about Thanksgiving Dinner. If the turkey turns out to be sub-par make sure you have an ample supply of frozen pizzas on hand!

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