19 Zayn Outfits We'll Literally Never Forget

    RIP all the Zayn outfits that could have been

    The worst thing has happened.

    On Wednesday, March 25, Zayn Malik left One Direction. With him he took our hopes and dreams of the many outfits and grooming styles he could have worn on tour and to award shows for years to come. Alexander McQueen, Top Shop, APC. Long hair, single strand, man-bun. WHY GOD, WHY?! The world will never know the glory. So let's reflect on the time we had. Also, if the band's stylist Caroline wants to send along his clothing, I'm available to wear it all. Thank you.

    1. The ~edgy prep~ look.

    2. The grown up boy bander.

    3. The "you can't even touch this" lip pout.

    4. Whatever this perfect look is.

    5. The classic double layer.


    7. The motorcycle jacket to end all motorcycle jackets.

    8. The "I cut my own sleeves" sweatshirt.

    9. The "perfect date night" black on black outfit.

    10. The "bigger the hair the closer to god" look.

    11. The "bad boy" Misfits t-shirt.

    I cant get over @zaynmalik wearing a misfits shirt. Like this is incredible. Thank you so much Zayn.

    12. The "white on white"

    13. The side swoop.

    14. The side fade.

    15. The black and white marble shirt.

    16. The perfect gold belt.

    17. Literally any time he wore a leather jacket.

    18. The perfect turtleneck.

    19. Every look that featured his arms.

    Stay strong friends.