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    Will Owls Ever Pull It Together?

    Even owls go through puberty. And it's just as awkward as you remember.

    Owls can be majestic creatures.

    Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

    They're very lovable.

    But sometimes they look kind of disheveled...

    Like they can't keep their eyes open.

    Or figure out what to do with their hair.

    Texas Parks and Wildlife, Mark Lockwood / AP

    Sometimes they can't even remember how to stand up.

    And they give you attitude when you ask what's wrong.


    "Seriously, don't look at me... OK?!"

    But sometimes they just get embarrassed., Christina Nealson / AP

    And hide away where you can't see them.

    Because they're still growing into their feathers.

    And are unsure of the changes that are happening to them.

    It's OK owls.

    You won't be like this for long...

    You'll grow out of your awkward stage...

    And be big and awesome like your parents.

    Or maybe not.

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