Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Curves

    Curvy girls unite!

    1. Curvy girls were the original supermodels.

    2. Even pinup girls rocked dem curves.

    3. And you have some of the most beautiful girls in your corner.

    4. So, you have a history of amazing role models!

    5. It helps that curvy girls are super smart.

    6. In fact, you're amazing at a lot of things because of your body. You make pretty impressive babies.

    7. And may live longer than your not-so-curvy friends.

    8. That's more years to rock your signature look.

    9. Which is great because you can pull off endless peplum.

    10. Kill it in black!

    11. And you have a kick-ass belt collection.

    12. You have the best butt.

    13. And boobs!

    14. Which make men go crazy for you.

    15. So rock out to your theme song.

    16. And be proud of your bootyliciousness.

    Because you're fabulous!