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    25 Ways To Up Your Ponytail Game

    Own that ponytail!

    1. The sleek knotted pony

    2. The low, soft ponytail

    3. The easy braid

    4. The twisted side pony

    5. The dyed dreads

    6. The cinched ponytail

    7. The low twist

    8. The inside-out ponytail

    9. The Blair Waldorf

    10. The knot

    11. The messy sixties pony

    12. The deconstructed pony

    13. The pretty pony

    14. The hidden hair tie

    15. The braid crown

    16. The double braided

    17. The raw textured ponytail

    18. The extra long ponytail

    19. The braid

    20. The double mini braid

    21. The topsy tail ponytail

    22. The triple topsy tail pony

    23. The ponytail bow

    24. The fishtail

    25. The fluffy fishtail

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