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    24 Ways To Get Your Nails Ready For The Spring

    It's finally getting warm, so ditch that gray and black for something softer.

    Every few months Pantone Color Institute releases a selection of colors that their trendsetters say are THE colors for the upcoming season. These are what they've determined for Spring 2014.

    And these are some manicures you can adapt seamlessly for the Spring using the palette.

    1. The waterfall manicure

    Check out how to do this yourself here.

    2. The halfmoon mani with a twist

    Grab the tutorial here.

    3. Reverse manicure with dots

    Grab the tutorial here.

    4. A single stripe

    Check out how to get this look here.

    5. The diagonal split

    Paint your nails white and wait for them to dry. Once that is complete use tape to section off which part you'd like to paint and which part you'd like to keep and go for the gold!

    6. An ombre gradient

    Check out the tools you need here

    7. The alternate

    8. Dots on dots on dots manicure

    Grab a tutorial here.

    9. Pastel striped manicure

    Read the tutorial here.

    10. Go for an eclipse

    11. Bring some friends along

    12. Daisies

    Learn how to make these daisies here.

    13. Color block it up

    Check out how to do this here.

    14. The crackle

    Watch the tutorial here.

    15. The scallop manicure

    Check out the tutorial here.

    16. The mermaid nail

    17. Drips

    Read a more detailed tutorial here.

    18. A cutaway manicure

    Grab the directions here.

    19. Candy canes

    Learn how to adapt these candy cane nails for spring here

    20. A golden takeover manicure

    Check out how to do this here.

    21. Sweetheart nails

    Learn how here.

    22. Sunset chevrons

    23. Color blocking

    Grab directions here.

    24. Bonus: an adorable strawberry manicure

    Check out the tutorial here.