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16 Hotels That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever

Make where you lay your head a destination in itself.

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5. ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Jukkasjärvi is the world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice. Every year, around 50 artists head to Sweden to help create the structure with different works all over the property. This means that every year the hotel looks a little bit different. Guess you'll have to make it an annual trip, huh?


13. Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, California

The Saguaro is a 1950s Technicolor time capsule located in the middle of the desert city of Palm Springs, Calif. While the hotel is simple, it is all you need for some classic fun in the sun! And there is a LOT of sun.

15. Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden

OK, one last tree house. This one is glass! A giant glass cube in the middle of the forest in Sweden! I mean, come on! SO COOL.